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4/5/2018Our teak has arrived and we absolutely love it! Great work guys...and fantastic delivery guy! Thank you all! We will recommend you to everyone! Good luck to your Tampa Girl! Stop by anytime you’re down this way!... Happy Spring... Vicky Sent from my iPad
3/13/2018Tim, Thank you so much. Looking forward to receiving the new chair. Also, thank you for taking care of this matter so promptly. It’s not often that customer service is a priority in many retail areas. We really appreciate it. Again, the furniture is beautiful. We can’t wait to move it outside so we can begin to use it - as soon as the weather cooperates. Sincerely, Lisa
2/26/2018Will do - the craftsmanship is amazing! Never seen anything as beautifully made. Ann
2/23/2018 Aloha Tim - my nail biting wait is over! The set arrived a little while ago As promised, here are pics of our beautiful set on our lanai. Thank you so much for everything you did to make this happen. Ann & Dan Conrad
10/22/2017The table arrived yesterday and it was perfect. Many thanks for your cooperation and help in getting the design just right. Norman
9/4/2017 A decade ago I purchased this bench from you for a customer. Today (twas Labor Day, sic) as I was teak oiling her, something I try to do once a year, couldn’t help but note that structure is as sound as day she arrived. At one point I’d asked about a slight split in wood (barely visible far left seat area, rear horizontal) whomever I spoke with assured me it would be ok and that has turned out to be 100% correct. Apologies for out of focus picture none the less, you can see how perfect and beautiful bench remains. Sincerely, Colleen.
8/4/2017Thank you for beautiful, quality furniture. Thank you for professionally packing that insured no damage. Apologize for not thanking you sooner, Janet
7/18/2017Tim: I have to say thank you so much for such a discount on the arm chair. My wife (Nordstrom) and I (commercial minting) are both in manufacturing on the design and sales end and are very very big on customer service and you just took the cake! And your product is flawless. So thanks so much and my wife will love these two new pieces. Mark
7/18/2017Tim: The furniture arrived and it is truly beautiful. It is very well made. I am delighted with your company’s products and workmanship. I do want to order one additional ottoman with a yellow cushion. Please get this into production and send it to me as soon as soon as possible. Thank you, Best regards, Lance
7/8/2017Tim, We received the table and chairs and they are absolutely beautiful. Even beyond our expectations. The craftsmanship is amazing to look at. I'm a novice-weekender woodworker so I can truly appreciate the work. Couple questions: Should we treat the table and chairs with the preservative we purchased now or is that not necessary at this time? Is the table safe to leave outside in the winter? Thanks for your help! Louis Giffels
6/21/2017Thank you so very much. My son-in-law is young, 57 yesterday, but has had Parkinson's for twenty years and is now in very difficult times. I am truly appreciative of your efforts to facilitate the making of the cushion because it will make him much more comfortable out on my deck. Your responsiveness to my concerns is unusual in these times. May it serve you well in the continuing success of your business. Yours, Brenda
6/19/2017Dear Tim, We received our teak Adirondack chairs on Saturday night. Though one is badly deteriorating, we still have our 8 year-old adirondack chairs made by ******* ****** for comparison. There IS NO comparison!! Thanks for such a wonderful chair. I'm not criticizing ******* ****** - they were beautiful chairs and we got 8 solid all-weather years from them before the bracing on the arm/seat back connection split and fell apart. ******* ****** could not offer replacement parts because their chairs are redesigned. Overall though, not a bad life expectancy, I suppose. BUT, looking at these chairs side-by-side, BenchSmith adirondacks are so much more substantial! The construction, the materials all seem so much better and the construction, especially on the seat back/arm connection, is worlds apart from our old chairs. They are absolutely beautiful and stylish, but most important - and you were right in your reassurance to me when I asked you about this before we ordered - they are totally comfortable. The BenchSmith chairs are significantly heavier, the solid teak is thicker, and the design seems to anticipate the weaknesses of other chairs. Thanks so much. We look forward to many, many, many years to enjoy these Adirondack classics. Sincerely, Rick Boothman
6/15/2017Hi Tim, Our table and chairs arrived yesterday. Everything is perfect! Thank you so much, especially for getting it to me in time for our family party this weekend. Sherry
10/12/2016Hi Tim, Recliners were received today and look AMAZING! Thank you so much for your assistance with this order. I am sure our customer will be very pleased. Have a great day! Best Regards, Sara
8/11/2016Excellent. Thanks. We will be back for more purchases for sure and will recommend you to all our friends. Your company is the best. Please note our new Firm name, email address and website address. Michael D.
7/26/2016Thank you for the update! We love all of the patio furniture and have been getting lots of compliments on it. Tara
7/11/2016Tim, We want to thank you for the beautiful furniture. We are very please with the quality and that it is USA made. Thank you . Brad
7/10/2016WOW!!Unpacked it Saturday. Really Nice!!!! TY Adam
5/13/2016Hi Tim - FYI table chairs arrived this afternoon one word WOW! Excellent solid quality furniture. This stuff is going to last many many years. I really appreciate your help. Thanks Efren
5/7/2016Hi Tim, Thanks again for your stellar product and service. The furniture and pillows look great. But there is one issue. One of the seat cushion covers arrived with a rip. Could you please arrange to have a new one sent to us? Please advise. Thanks. Regards, Nick
5/7/2016We're very happy with your table. Thank you for your help. John
5/2/2016Tim, Excellent work. Level 1 craftsmanship. I will certainly be recommending you. Thank you Adam
4/25/2016… of table and chairs today. Thank you! They are beautiful and although it is not a particularly stellar spring day I am heading outside with my lunch to enjoy, what I know will be, the first of many years of enjoyment using this furniture. So glad I found you at the Boston Flower show… Sincerely, Donna
4/1/2016Tim, Thank you for your good work. You are company that I have really appreciated—in terms of the quality of your work and your ongoing customer service. Tom
3/25/2016Hi Tim! We received our bench and absolutely love it! Would you be able to offer us show pricing on the Chalfont side table? Please let me know your thoughts, and thanks! Sue
3/7/2016I just unwrapped my table and chairs. They are beautiful. Thank you and your workers for paying attention to details. Ellen
7/9/2015Received my storage bench today. It is perfect. I am glad I waited for the right size. Thanks so much for a great product. Best, Mark Sent from my iPhone
6/24/2015Tim, I received all the teak furniture pieces. First of all, we are extremely pleased with the quality of the furniture - it completely exceeded our expectations. Everything fits perfectly in our space and looks outstanding! Very sturdy construction - well done! Mark
6/16/2015Hi Tim, Just wanted to send you a picture of the lovely outdoor dining set that we purchased from you at the Boston Flower Show in March. We love it and have enjoyed many great times with family and friends. I'm sure we will enjoy it for years to come. The Benchmark quality is superb and admired by all who have had the chance to see it. Best Regards, Helen Goffstown, New Hampshire
4/10/2015Tim, Received the furniture today. They set and garbage can look amazing! Let me know when the cushions will ship or from whom I will get notification Rick Senior Vice-President Business Acquisition
12/7/2014I was fortunate to purchase one set of your stack tables and then a second set. I hobby with bonsai and have recently retired to Florida. I work from the lanai of my wife and my condo. I wanted tables that would display my trees while providing a beneficial area to grow. The photo shows one side of our door with the three tables. The other side matches that. The quality of the workmanship is exceptional. I can't believe how well packed they've arrived. Just wanted you to know the unique use of your tables with thanks for fine products.
7/1/2014Good morning Tim, I just wanted to let you know that the chest arrived in good condition, is in use and the cushions fit perfectly, has endured very heavy rains and kept cushions dry, and, finally, we are very pleased with your advice, the storage chest and your service! Many thanks, Barry
6/24/2014Hi Tim, I just wanted to let you know that everything arrived safe and sound and looks great. I'll be developing some arm muscles moving those chairs around, wow, they're solid! Many thanks, Abigail
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