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Where your dreams can become reality....

Many companies have given BenchSmith the finest compliments for the best quality teak furniture. When we make alterations to our extensive variety of teak furniture, they become the trendsetters for the year. You can be sure to see many people buying such teak furniture. They may look similar but there are many differences between the ones manufactured by BenchSmith and others.

There are key elements to building great outdoor teak furniture; firstly, the wood must be properly dried. After that, all the pieces must be built with precision. Following this, we use top of the line epoxy. Lastly, the teak furniture is delivered in time. When all these are combined, high quality teak furniture is manufactured and marketed.

Buy Quality. Buy the Best. Buy BenchSmith.

A Full Service Company

We are a full service company providing furniture designs of your choice. Our team works on a picture/sketch and builds furniture accordingly. We start with your idea, sketch it, put it in a CAD drawing, and program it in our CNC. We build it better for you and at more affordable prices than other companies. BenchSmith manufactures teak furniture the way you want them to be. We offer a standard line of teak furniture for commercial/residential projects.

Many architects and designers have chosen BenchSmith because we are full service and can provide what no one else can:
  • Better Quality
  • Better Custom Projects
  • Better Delivery Time
  • Better Pricing
While searching for teak furniture, you may find similar looking furniture on other web sites. Even though everyone claims to market the ‘Best’ quality teak furniture, the truth is otherwise. BenchSmith has been doing business with an Indonesian company for years. They build products based on our specifications and standards. We have been to many companies overseas during our initial years of business and learned the trade of manufacturing quality teak furniture. We build furniture to suit customers' requirements and ensure complete customer satisfaction. We manufacture 90% of all the products and undertake 100% custom projects. You can be assured that our products will last for years.

The BenchSmith Difference

BenchSmith's philosophy has always remained the same - Produce high quality furniture in the market at reasonable prices. With our customers realizing this well, BenchSmith has become one of the leaders in the manufacturing of outdoor teak furniture. Some of the drawbacks in purchasing teak furniture from other companies are that their products are made overseas and custom designs cannot be delivered. You also have to compromise with the quality and lastly the products cannot be shipped in time. We, at BenchSmith, assure that our customers have never faced such drawbacks. We have seen many companies in the teak furniture business disappear from the competition. Such companies believe in buying teak furniture at low prices from overseas and sell it at profitable prices. Teak is rated the best for outdoor wood furniture, only when built correctly. The reason for them backing out is because they do not research on the furniture's quality. When such furniture is bought, it looks fine to the average individual. After using for a few months, they face problems like chairs breaking, tables coming apart, opening of glue joints and cracking of wood. These are the common problems of imported teak furniture. We have researched, tested and retested our furniture and imported furniture to bring you the very best!

Buy American made teak furniture from BenchSmith.
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