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Custom Products

BenchSmith is a full service furniture design and manufacturing company that has worked with hundreds of corporate and non-profit institutions, architects and designers to achieve just the right furniture look and feel.

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Our furniture can be found at Harvard University, St. John's University, the Children's Museum of Indianapolis and Burpee Seed's Fordhook Farm.
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The BenchSmith team is glad to work with you to develop a individual design from the ground up or take a picture or sketch and turn it into an authentic BenchSmith crafted piece that fits your specific requirements. BenchSmith starts with your idea, develops a rough sketch, then programs this drawing into BenchSmith's highly-precise computerized router that cuts the wood components of your furniture piece. Following assembly by our expert craftsmen, we present you with your finished furniture – custom BenchSmith quality that is delivered to you quickly and at very competitive pricing.

We are a full service company that can provide you with any design you are looking for

Our team can use a picture or sketch and turn it a work of art for you, with just a few ideas we can build it. We start with your idea, sketch it, put it in a cad drawing, program it in our CNC and on. Not only can we build it for you…we can build better and more affordable than most companies. The BenchSmith can make for you or your clients exactly what you want. We offer a standard line of furniture for commercial projects or residential.

Benchsmith custom product images

Better quality, better custom projects, better delivery time, better pricing.

Benchsmith custom product imagesWhen searching for teak furniture you may find that every web page you go to seems to have the same looking products. For the most part they are, everyone claims to have the "Best", but most of the furniture comes from the same places. Some are built ok and some poor – They all claim to offer Kiln dried lumber – I am telling you the truth – 90% of them don’t.. The BenchSmith has been doing business with a company from Indonesia for years, whom will build products to our specifications and standards. We have been to many companies overseas during our first years in business and had our share of poorly made furniture. We will only carry furniture that is built to our criteria so you the customer will be satisfied with any purchase you make from BenchSmith.

We manufacture 90% of all the products we carry and 100% of all custom projects. You can be assured that all the products The BenchSmith has to offer will last for years of enjoyment, we guarantee it.

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